Quote - Find Your Own Cieling

Quote When I first moved to New York it was maybe about a year, year and a half after the whole Wynton Marsalis explosion onto the scene. And somehow I thought to myself, and in hindsight it was the proper way to look at things, that Wynton, by his incredible... [Read More]

Quote - Always Be Jabbing

Quote Always Be Jabbing. Always Be Shipping. Always Be Firing. It’s the same advice, stated in different ways for different audiences. [Read More]

Schedule Jekyll Posts With GitHub

tldr; You can effectively schedule your jekyll posts on Github Pages via a GitHub Action to build your site at a regular scheduled time and future date your posts. [Skip to Steps] [Read More]


Great Video Conferencing / Vlogging Setup Tips That Won’t Break the Budget Good, Better, Best - creating the ultimate remote worker webcam setup on a budget [Read More]

Proofreading Hack

I don’t know about you, but when I write, I often omit words. It sounds great and complete in my mind, but when I look back and see the mistakes, it looks like I’m a bad writer or have a lack of care (especially in emails). Sometimes, I write a... [Read More]


I have a big of backlog of interesting “happenings” around the web that I have been meaning to share for some time. [Read More]

Saxophonists Who Code

The saxophone is my favorite instrument. I love to hear players with great tones [a]. The piano is great as well. I love it when people play cool chords in succession: [Read More]

Sound Basics Part 2 - Properties of Sound

We now have an idea of what sound is; namely, a disruption in a medium, such as air, that causes molecules to hit each other causing a propagation (wave) of that initial disruption to the ears of a listener. [Read More]

Programming Is Not Like Playing Music

Over the years I’ve come across various blog posts and articles stating that creating music is very similar to writing software. They describe the creative process that fuels both fields. They point to the number of musicians that have functioned successfully as software engineers. This is all true, but there... [Read More]

Sound Basics Part 1 - What is Sound?

A lot of times when sound is described, a graph of a sound wave is shown. The sine function is discussed … wasn’t that about angles of a triangle? We are told sound is simply changes in pressure. This all is somehow represented in digital form as 0s and 1s.... [Read More]

Quote - Fix it Twice

“It also means that whenever I get a support request, I make sure to Fix It Twice: Once to fix the issue for the customer, and another time in the code, documentation or UI to make sure that I don’t ever see another support request for it. So as time... [Read More]

Mouthpieces, Comments & Whitespace

Sometimes there is a lesson, exercise or concept that you learn that just catapults your development forward.  It could be a small thing … something not so obviously influential; but once you absorb it, your craft just moves forward. [Read More]

On Channeling Your Natural Genius Zone

Often times a barrier to starting a blog, or any public undertaking, is thinking that you have nothing to say. Or rather, ‘what I have to say isn’t deep enough.’ The truth of the matter is that we all have strengths, we tend to trivialize and take them for granted.... [Read More]