Great Video Conferencing / Vlogging Setup Tips That Won’t Break the Budget

Good, Better, Best - creating the ultimate remote worker webcam setup on a budget

I have a Sony Alpha a5000 mirrorless digital camera and didn’t realize something like that could be turned into a high quality webcam. Very insightful post. If someday I ever want to create high quality videos, this is a resource I would definitely revisit.

Different Types of Learning

How To Learn a New Programming Language Fast - Better Programming

Nice write up about different learning styles. Good reminder that there isn’t just one way to gain knowledge. A good thing to to keep in mind and explore when it works but I don’t know why.

Fitness Tips

My Six Pack Journey — How I went from Fat to Ripped in 6 months

Encouraging post about one’s weight loss journey in 6 months. At the end of the day, I like Chad Fowler’s simple advice, stick with any legitimate program for 6 months. This is a topic I’m becoming more interested. Some other good resources I’ve come across are:

Headphones While Coding?

My Tweet About Headphones While Coding

Sometime ago, I tweeted a series of perspectives on wearing headphones and thought that I could turn it into a post. I never did make it into a post; however, here were my thoughts:


“When you’re coding you really have to be in the zone so I’ll listen to a single song over and over on repeat, hundreds of times. It helps me focus.” Matt Mullenweg in 2009 in his re-annotated Inc. magazine’s “The Way I Work” column Interview.


“I realized that I simply don’t code well while listening to music. The music does not help me focus. Indeed, the act of listening to music seems to consume some vital resource that my mind needs in order to write clean and well-designed code.

Maybe it doesn’t work that way for you. Maybe music helps you write code. I know lots of people who code while wearing earphones. I accept that the music may help them, but I am also suspicious that what’s really happening is that the music is helping them enter the Zone.”

Ch. 4 Coding. “The Clean Coder: a Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers”, by Robert C. Martin, Prentice Hall, 2014.

Headphones as a Consequence of Open Offices

Workers Love AirPods Because Employers Stole Their Walls: In the open-plan office, wireless headphones are the new cubicles.