In this series, we are exploring “how to be good” went joining a new environment (industry, organization, team, etc). It boils down to a key requirement.

We have all seen them … the engineer’s engineer … the all-star … that individual who is just so good at what they do … the “complete package”.

Observing greatness can unfortunely bring out our insecurities and self-doubt. We can process these emotions and put them in their proper place by going through the following reflective two questions.

What Am I Observing?

What Is My Response?

What Are You Observing?

When we observe individuals operating at a high level, we must realize that what we are observing is an individual operating in their genius zone. The reason that this realization is so important is …

Everyone Has a Genius Zone!

This is so curcial to grasp. If you do accept the above statement, then the implication is clear …

You Have a Genius Zone Too!

In part 2 of this series, we talked through examples of strengths. Another way to classify what we are observing in these situations is that we are observing one or more strengths on display that comprise that individual’s genius zone.

Realizing what you are observing and putting it in its proper place is key to maintain a healthy mindset. This realization also makes it clear that you too are someone that others can marvel at if you just focus on your strenghs and showcase your genius zone.

What is Your Response?

In the first blog post I ever published, I wrote the following:

When we observe others operating from their genius zone, we should choose to react positively with admiration, motivation and curiosity; rather than, intimidation and self-doubt. We are all created uniquely and that is something we should embrace.

Admiration & motivation should comprise our response. We should admire by recognizing the greatness of others and we should be motivated to “get to work”so that we can showcase our own genius.

Case Study: How Chris Botti Responded to Wynton

Find Your Own Cieling is a phrase Chris Botti mentioned in an interview when he was discussing how he came into his own in his career. When Botti arrived in New York, Wynton Marsalis was having massive success in the jazz scene there. A lot of people responded by trying to imitate Wynton but Botti took a different approach …

Botti instinctively knew that he had to do something different because he couldn’t do what Wynton was doing better than him. He carved out his own niche and is a massively successful musician who has gained mainstream notoriety.

How Botti approached the situation:

What Was Observed? Botti recognized the greatness of Marsalis for what it was and correctly determined that Marsalis had mastered his niche thus creating a glass cieling for others attempting a similar approach and brand.

What Was the Response? Botti realized that he had to blaze his own path and not follow Wynton. He knew he had to “find his own cieling”.

Call to Action: Go Forth & Find Your Own Cieling!


[*] Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels