“It also means that whenever I get a support request, I make sure to Fix It Twice: Once to fix the issue for the customer, and another time in the code, documentation or UI to make sure that I don’t ever see another support request for it. So as time goes on, there are fewer things that can interrupt my Days Off. (Days Off being defined as days where the sun is out or the kids of off school and I don’t need a rest day from climbing or surfing, so hey, let’s polish the product a bit).”


Kester, Jason. “How I built a business that lets me live on the beach full time.” Blog Post. Code on the Road: A laptop, some ideas, and a one-way ticket. Publish Date Unknown. Web. 1 June 2017.


Jason Kester has a business that supports the type of lifestyle that he desires; one where his vacation time is not limited but also where he can scratch his software coding itch. Kester does not use this term, but “lifestyle business” might be appropriate to describe this. He did not achieve this career overnight. In his post, “How I built a business that lets me live on the beach full time,” Kester goes through the various stages in his career that led him to this point. The above quote comes towards the end of his post when he is talking about providing customer support for his online business. “Fixing it Twice” is his way of automating his solutions to support requests so he doesn’t have to address them in the future.