Always Be Jabbing. Always Be Shipping. Always Be Firing. It’s the same advice, stated in different ways for different audiences.

My theory is that lead generation derives from Google rank and that the best way to increase Google rank is to be like a professional fighter: neither jabs nor haymakers are enough. You must be always jabbing and you must regularly throw haymakers. Blog continuously to keep your hit-rate and link-traffic high and write longer pieces, containing the high-value words associated with your niche, occasionally.


Atwood, Jeff. “How To Achieve Ultimate Blog Success In One Easy Step.” Blog Post. “Coding Horror” programming and human factors. 26 Oct 2007. Web. 02 Feb 2022.


This excerpt is from a blog post that is linked from Jeff Atwood’s “About Me” page. Atwood says that blogging changed his life and links to this post. The above excerpt is how the post starts off and contains a quote from Larry O’Brien.

O’Brien is responding to Jakob Nielsen’s claim that experts should opt for writing articles over blog posts. O’Brien states that he disagrees and his experience has been different as blogging is the source of most of his leads. In the excerpt above, O’Brien gives his theory on why blog posts have been so successful in generating leads for him.


O’Brien, Larry. “Knowing.NET - Jakob Nielsen Says Experts Should Write Articles, Not Blog Posts. I Disagree.” Blog Post. “Knowing.NET” Software development industry analysis by Larry O’Brien, the former editor of Software Development and Computer Language. 12 July 2007. Web. 02 Feb 2022.


I love Atwood’s “About Me” page and this post (which it links to). It is motivation to keep “jabbing,” that is to keep publishing content even if it is short (like a “jab”).


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